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Published On October 25, 2019 | By cahya | Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor Ideas – Color, theme, window treatment, and decoration, all contribute to the feeling of your living room, which can set the tone for other rooms in your home. The living room is the relaxation center, a room in which family and friends can sit and talk or in which people can read a book or take a nap. This versatile room requires careful consideration when it comes to decoration. Deciding on the color scheme of your living room is an important step in the development of decoration. Living rooms are often painted a light neutral color, which is a good decision if you do not know what else you would like to do with the decorations.

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However, making a more exciting color decision can instantly add style to your room. When considering colors, it is important to think about the size of the room. A small room will look larger with light walls and a large room may seem more inviting, with darker walls. Along with the selection of paintings, the establishment of a theme for the living room decor ideas can create a unique atmosphere and the atmosphere in the room. A theme can be anything from “beach getaway” to a French-country aspect.

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Decide on your subject before buying furniture and living room decor ideas or, if you already have some of these things in place, develop a theme based on what you have available. The design of your house can help you decide on your theme as well, for example, if you have wood beams in the living room, you can try a rustic log cabin decor. Windows are an essential part of any room, but in a living room, which can be especially important. Consider the possibility of the window in the focal point of the room instead of a television set, for example. To do this, choose carefully the treatment of the window with which to dress your window of the room.

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