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Published On September 26, 2019 | By cahya | Living Room Chair

Swivel Living Room Chairs – Over time, wooden legs of the swivel chair can wear out or break, making the furniture unstable and unsafe. A broken legs must be reinforced to ensure the strength and balancing of this type of swivel chair. Swivel chairs are made to hold and maintain the weight. The mattress of the chair moves, so the legs of the chair must be solid. If parts of furniture in a swivel chair are not stable, dangerous accidents can occur. Lightly grease the gas cylinder and start assembling the bearing kit on the gas cylinder. There will be around six washers, and they have to be greased before they can be attached to your gas cylinder. Start with the rubber damper, and track with the 15/16 inch washer.

Comfy Swivel ChairComfy Swivel Chair

Now apply the bearing, which normally has five small balls in it. After the bearing, place a liberal grease lubrication application around the bearing. Now place the other washer 15/16 inches into the gas cylinder. Slide the gas cylinder into the column of the swivel living room chairs along with the support kit previously attached to the gas cylinder in Step 1. Apply the smaller washer on the kit on the bottom of the chair column. Insert the included clip into the support kit in its place at the bottom of the chair column. Check to make sure it is secure in place.

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Place the folding cover over the column of the swivel chair. After having mounted the column of the chair, you can slide the hinged cover over the column. Fix the parts had been assembled in steps 1 and 2 for the gas or mounting mechanism of the swivel living room chairs. From there, place the support and the column at the base of the chair. Secure in place with a clip and washer on the bottom of the chair base. Insert the wheels into place at the bottom of the base of the chair in the wheel sockets. Skip this step if the wheels have already been inserted by the manufacturer.

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