Good Design Modern Living Room Colors

Published On October 5, 2019 | By cahya | Modern Living Room

Modern living room colors – Small spaces especially those that are used a lot can be difficult to design. The many colors and shades of paint available can make it even more complicated when it comes to figuring out what color is best for your small living room. Consider purpose and desired energy in the small living space, if you want it to feel cozy or open and fresh. The painting should last an average of six years before doing it again. Cool tonalities are known to open a space and make it look bigger than it really is. Green, blue and purple are cold colors. Look for colors found in elements of nature, such as water, sky and trees.

Design Living Room Colors

Monochromatic colors are the colors that are within the same color palette and are next to each other on the color wheel, for example, two shades of red. Two colors that are close in tone will give more dimensions to the space and trick the eye to see more space in the room that actually exists. Large combinations of monochromatic colors for a small modern living room colors are light, medium and dark blue; red-violet light, medium and dark; and light, medium and dark blue-green. You can incorporate the monochrome color scheme in a variety of ways: Painting the walls in stripes using the different shades of color.

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Good design modern living room colors, the warm colors are the colors of heat and have the opposite effect of cold colors, creating the illusion that they are getting closer and making the room seem smaller. That said, they also make a room look nice and cozy. Apply a monochromatic color scheme to yellow, orange or red tones to create some dimension. Splash some cool colors in the room with accessories and art pieces to help make the room look less tight. To open the room a little more, include the white in your color scheme. For example, one of the spotlights paints the wall a warm yellow, orange or red, and paint the rest of the white walls.

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