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Published On September 27, 2019 | By cahya | Living Room Decor

Decor For Living Room – One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change in the decoration of your living room is to update your color scheme. Whether you paint an accent wall or just hang a large format painting over the fireplace mantle and change out your cushions on the sofa, colors and color combinations you decide to choose the tone of the room decoration. Before adding a new color to your living room, paint a canvas in the hue you like and hang it in the room. Observe how the color changes throughout the day, under the effects of natural light, as well as artificial light, to ensure that just like its permutations. Sunny yellow translates well to many decoration schemes.

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Synchronize it with white for a modern Scandinavian feel, light wood of mid-century modern black or esthetic poppy seed soft for a French countryside effect. faded earth tones lend a decor for living room a sense of tranquility. Accent with sage green upholstery for a Japanese farm or reddish-red look on furniture structures and tile floor in Mexican hacienda style. For people who wish to venture towards a bright and more intrepid decor for living room color schemes, consider the modern bohemian decor trend. Multiple layers of colors can cover walls, or strips of vintage wallpaper can look through decoration schemes to show earlier.

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You can create a modern bohemian effect by painting the walls deep blue of the Mediterranean or green and let them dry. Then paint another color, such as periwinkle, old white, dark gray or burgundy. Allow the paint to dry and then use sandpaper or steel wool to scrape the paint at several points, allowing underlying colors to show through. International decor includes several dramatic color combinations ideal for decor for living room. The combination of Indian saffron and tamarind has an earthy quality or go brighter with purple, pink, blue and gold-stamped Indian-inspired saris.

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